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This page is going to be a work in progress for a while, so for the time being, if you can't see a link to the exact thing you are looking for please email me
All harnesses and assemblies are made to order, please allow 2-4 weeks plus shipping time.

I make harnesses and wiring looms for standard guitar types and for special arrangements. Some of the "specials" are listed here, and are linked to the use of particular types of pickups or based on well-known custom wiring used on some famous guitars. All harnesses are made with top quality components from CTS, Oak/Grigsby, CRL, Switchcraft etc. Most are supplied with fully tested new-old-stock paper-in-oil (PIO) tone capacitors. 

  • Gilmour Black Strat 7- or 11-way switching
    Sub-mounted mini-toggle switch adds the neck pickup into circuit regardless of the position of the 5-way switch, giving seven different pickup combinations. Handmade recessed mounting bracket included. 11-way switching option - push-push switching pot on 2nd tone, for use with tappable single coil bridge pickup (e.g. SD SSL5, D Allen Echoes or Benson Custom DG set). Option for NOS "dime" ceramic disc tone capacitor, USA made, nominal 0.05uF just like the original Black Strat.
    7-way £79.00, 11-way £89.00

Recessed mini toggle
  • Vintage Jazzmaster with Troy Van Leeuven style toggle switch
    Hybrid TVL style harness is pictured (1 Meg pots but with toggle switch for rhythm circuit) but can also be made with 500k pots as used in TVL models. Cable ties left unclipped and slightly loose for easy routing of pickup lead wires!
    Standard with slide switch £105.00, or with TVL toggle £110

VW Pearloid Jazzmaster TVL rear.jpg
VW Pearloid Jazzmaster TVL front.jpg
Full assemblies

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