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Repairs and Maintenance

The service and repairs I offer go from simply restringing or replacing tuning machines all the way to major structural repairs.  In between these extremes I will do just about any repair, from set-ups, through electrics repairs, pickup installations, finish touch-ups, nut and saddle replacement, tremolo installation, fret dressing, re-frets, bracing repairs, bridge repairs and more.

Full service setup

The full service setup covers all the routine maintenance that a guitar needs.  Apart from setting the string height at the first and 12th frets and adjusting the neck shape, there are at least a dozen other actions, from checking and lubricating the tuning machines, through pickup balancing, to getting the intonation just right.

Prices vary depending on the guitar but the maximum would be £55 (plus strings at cost) for a Floyd Rose equipped instrument.  On budget guitars or almost-new guitars that have just "moved" a bit in transit, I can set the first fret string height, neck relief and 12th fret string height to their optimum for roughly half the price of the full service.

You can see an example of a full service setup on a fixed bridge electric guitar here.

Additional services

There is so much varied stuff in this category that I can't do much more than list some of the possibilities.  Call me for pricing, or to discuss anything that is not on this list.


  • Fret levelling and dressing for worn. pitted or uneven frets

  • Refretting when the frets are too far gone to be dressed

  • Replacement nut and/or saddle

  • Acoustic pickup installation

  • Electric pickup replacement/upgrade

  • Wiring modifications - coil taps, tone circuits, active/passive conversion, etc.

  • Vintage restoration

"Hello Glen, Just a line to let you know the Hofner is playing very well. I can't stop playing it. The Gretsch is sulking! The Gibson is distraught! Done a good job. Many Thanks"

David, North Yorkshire

"I just want to thank you for a really excellent repair job on my PRS Custom 24. It is truly remarkable that you have got the finish back to what it was originally. I am extremely pleased and can’t thank you enough. I will recommend you to anyone who asks for advice. Thank you once again for a brilliant job."

Brian, Whalley

"Glen reduced the fret height on my Musicman Axis, so that it now plays perfectly in tune when using a capo.  He has done set-ups, general overhauls and fitted pickups to my acoustic guitars. I have always been delighted by the standard of his work."​

Colin Barkley, Ramsbottom


Most instrument damage can be fixed somehow.  Some things are fairly straight-forward, like re-attaching a bridge to an acoustic guitar.  Other things are often a case of time and money balanced against the value of the instrument.  "Value" is not just about how much you could sell the instrument for - we have a habit of becoming sentimentally attached to musical instruments, even if they are of little resale value.

Below is a list of just some repairs I can make to your broken instrument.  Give me a call to discuss any of these or anything else.

  • Headstock break

  • Bridge re-attachment

  • Loose bracing

  • Cracks and splits

  • Finish repair

  • Neck reset

  • Top or back separation from sides

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