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We all dream of the perfect guitar. Some of us go a step further and modify our guitar, or even self-build them, in search of that dream. But what happens when things don't fit together right, the previous body routing shows through, or you just need a look that isn't available from the usual parts suppliers?

That's where Axion Custom Works comes in. From my workshop in Bury I make special parts that are hard to come by elsewhere. Unique pickguards, non-standard pickup rings, hardware with a special look - all the little things that make the whole thing just work.

​This business has evolved from a setup and repair service into one that tries to fill the market gaps that DIY guitar enthusiasts find all the time. As I still do a lot of that setup and repair work, I have learned a fair amount about what guitarists and their guitars are missing.

So please have a browse around my site, and if you see anything interesting or if you have any ideas that you need creating, feel free to get in touch for a friendly discussion with no strings attached (OK, that's lame, but it won't be the last tme you ever see that line used!)


​Glen Havelock
​07570 495945

Axion Custom Works

1 Gisburn Drive



About me

I have been tinkering with guitars for almost as long as I have been playing them, and started making my first instrument around 1991.

Around 2005 I decided to get some proper training from someone who really knows how to make instruments - John Marlow.

Meanwhile I had become disenchanted with the corporate world, and the scientific and engineering work I had done for almost 25 years was being reduced to a tick-box mentality.  That's not me, I need stuff to think about and problems to solve.

​So in 2010 I decided to go full time as a guitar repairer.  The business developed, and now I not only repair guitars and other fretted instruments, I also make a wide variety of custom guitar parts.  For 10 years I was the resident guitar and fretted instrument repairer at one of Manchester's biggest music shops.

I demand of myself only the highest quality work.  I stick with the job until it is right, even if I have quoted a fixed fee for the work.


Axion Custom Works is the new trading name for Cuicuica Instruments.

​- Basic setup

​- Full service setup

​- Ultimate setup (fret dress + full service)

​- Electrics upgrades and mods

​- Headstock break repairs

- Acoustic bracing repaiir​

​- Bridge re-fitting

​- Finish repairs

​...and much more.



​​- Custom and hand-made electric guitars

​- Bass guitars

- Cajones

- Hand-made acoustic guitars, ukuleles



​- Custom Pickguards

​- Custom pickup rings

​- Aged hardware

​- Artist inspired parts

​- Custom pickup flatwork

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