Unique outline pickguards

When you want something a bit different...

It might be a wild idea, or it might be something that is just practical, but this is the bit where I make something exclusively for your guitar and it will never be used elsewhere.

I work to your design, or work with you on a design that will go best with your guitar. Obviously there is more work involved and the cost of that work can't be spread over a number of pickguards, so please don't expect it to be as cheap as an off-the-shelf pickguard.

Typically this will be from £60 upwards, though some simple mods (e.g. the third one in the gallery below) would be cheaper.

Tele Deluxe/standard hybrid in black aluminium
Practical panel
This was for a Kay Synth LP copy, to convert it to conventional controls
Half strat special
No control plate cutout on this example
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